Lipari Islands rentals

Holiday apartments, villas and house rentals in Salina, Lipari and Aeolian Islands directly from the owners



Salina - Villa Greca

The villa is located in Salina, one of the most beautiful of the Eolian Islands, very close to the sea. It has three apartments. It has a shared garden of 1000 mq and four outdoor showers.


Salina is the ancient Didyme (twin), name derived from the shape of the island: two reliefs separated by a saddle. The present name originates from a coastal lake once used as a "saltpan". It is located near the Lingua point; it has a depth of few metres and an extent of almost two hectares. It is an important centre for the production of the local 'Malvasia' wine

Lipari- Casa del Corso


The house takes its name from the main street in the historical section of Lipari Island. Unlike many holiday houses, it is equipped with elegant 18th century furniture. On the second floor there is a spacious double bedroom with a balcony opening on the main corso.Partial view of Liparis' castle. The top of the staircase opens to a spacious sunroom with a partial views of the sea. The adjacent bedroom and parlour leads into a brickwork- kitchen equipped with oven, dishwasher, clothes dryer.
There are two bathrooms, a larger one and a smaller one with shower but no bidet.

Lipari is the largest of the islands which make up the Archipelago of the Eolie and the most populated one with its nine thousand inhabitants. There are five towns: Lipari, Canneto, Acquacalda, Quattropiani and Pianoconte.
Places and sights of interest: the Archaeological Museum, the Church of St Giuseppe, the Church of the Anime del Purgatorio, Lipari Castle, the Acropoli, the Necropolis, the Church of the Addolorata, the Church of the Immacolata and the Cathedral of St Bartolomeo. Not to be missed the white sandy beaches, obsidian and pumice quarries and spectacular views over the other Aeolian islands: Filicudi, Alicudi, Salina, Stromboli and Panarea.


Lipari -Casa del Lungomare

The house is located in the centre of the Canneto village, 20 metres away from the beach. There are two double rooms, a living room with 2 single bed and a kitchen equipped with electric oven. The toilette has a tub and a washer. In the terrace there is a table , some chairs and an outdoor shower.





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