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Taormina and Castelmola  full day tour
Taormina, the ancient Taurominum, is a spot of infinite loveliness, the land of Dolce far niente - of sweet do nothing. The town lies in an elevated position of amazing, almost unique beauty, affording magnificent views combining sea and sky of a marvelous blue, miles of a curving coastline and picturesque mountain scenery, while the majestic pyramid of Mt. Etna on one side constitutes a scene of indescribable beauty. Upon arrival we will visit the most impressive monument of the city: the Greco-Roman Theatre. It has the finest site of any theatre in the world and one of the most striking monuments of antiquity. We continue our walking tour to the Villa Comunale: the public gardens which are planted with a huge variety of flowering plants and shrubs ranging from the most common to the exotic, your guide will be able to describe you all the botanical curiosity. In the afternoon we continue the exploration to Castelmola, this village occupying a strategic position up behind Taormina, centres around the picturesque little Piazzetta del Duomo. In one of the bars in the main square we will have the chance to taste the famous "almond wine".

Mt Etna half day or full day tour
Mt. Etna is Sicily's tallest peak and one of Europe's most famous active volcanoes, in the 20C, the most violent eruptions took place in 1910 leading to 23 additional craters being formed, in 1928, a lava flow destroyed the village of Mascali and other eruptions followed in more recent time in 1981, 1983, 1985, 1991-92, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005. Upon arrival we will visit the area of 2.000 mts (6.000 ft) with the Crateri Silvestri. In a full day escursion we can ascent to the top by funicular and 4x4 wheels drive: on the slope of the central crater at around the 3.000 mts (10.000 ft) mark, in the vicinity of the former Torre del Filosofo where a refuge was destroyed by lava. There are four craters: the south-eastern crater, the immense central crater, the north-eastern crater and the Bocca Nuova (New Mouth) which has been the most active.


The Godfather country: Savoca and Forza d'Agrò half day tour 

A scenic drive runs inland to Savoca which is considered one of the most attractive places in the environ of Taormina. Bar Vitelli with a gorgeous terrace, has a collection of photographs taken when Francis Ford Coppola shot some scenes of "The Godfather II". Free time for a "granita" in the Bar Vitelli then we walk to the Chiesa Madre with its fine 16C portal surmonted by a beautifully carved oculus and the coat of arms of Savoca, bearing the eldeberry branch from which the name of the town is supposed to derive.
The tour will continue to Forza d'Agrò, an attractive medieval hamlet that  caps the furthermost spurs of the Monti Peloritani with a splendid view of the coast. In 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot some scenes of the film "The Godfather III".


Messina and Tindari full day tour

The tour start with a visit of "The gate of Sicily", just five kilometres separe Messina from the mainland Italy. In the ancient time was given the name of Zancle by the Greek for the sickle-shaped harbour. It's hard to imagine that a devasting earthquake leveled Messina in 1908 and also during the World War II the town was subjected to several intensive bombing raids. Passing some point of interest such us the church of San Francesco, the Fountain of Neptune, the tour will proceed to the National Museum. From here the tour will continue passing the City Hall, the Church of the Annunziata dei Catalani and Piazza Duomo. The astronomical clock is the most interesting component of the 60 mts. high bell-tower to the left of the Cathedral.
We continue the excursion to Tindarys and the northern coast of Sicily. The town is a Greek colony founded in 396 B.C.and occupies a magnificent position. Nowdays Tindari is the pilgrimage site of the Sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna.


Gole dell'Alcantara and Francavilla di Sicilia full day tour

The formation of the gorge is derivated from a small volcano of Mt. Etna woke and poured forth enormous quantities of lava. Upon arrival we descent on foot and we will discover a spectacular view of the whole at the entrance of the gorge. The beautiful stone cliffs tower forms pentagonal and hexagonal prisms, irregular shapes which interplay with the light, creating forms both graceful and monstrous. A natural botanical reserve is located in the park: your guide, which is an expert in botanic, will give you all the informations. Afterwards we continue the explorations of Francavilla di Sicilia where a violent battle took place between the Spaniards and Austrians. Here we will visit the Capuchin Monastery founded in the 16C.



Hometowns tours

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